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Infusing art with Science for you

Makemyrig builds beautiful pc's for video editors, photo editors, gamers, 3d game makers and more.


Festive Offer



32,999.00 29,499.00

30k Budget Performer

38,999.00 35,999.00

35k Budget Performer

43,999.00 39,999.00

40k Budget Performer

50,000.00 48,999.00

45k The Starter 1.0

Sweet Spot 50-80k 🔥

67,999.00 64,999.00

64k Sweet Spot

88,999.00 83,999.00


80,999.00 72,999.00

Gaming + Streaming

Performers ⚡️⚡️⚡️

114,999.00 108,499.00

100K Monster Performer

120,000.00 112,999.00

110k King

179,999.00 164,999.00

i7 ⚡️

141,999.00 135,999.00

Sweet 4k

Performers ⚡️⚡️⚡️

211,999.00 208,999.00

Elite Z1

251,999.00 239,999.00

Elite Z2

350,999.00 336,999.00

Elite Z3

196,000.00 176,000.00

Sweet Spot i7 3070


319,999.00 293,999.00

Elite X3

309,999.00 286,999.00

Intel 3L

500,000.00 448,000.00

Top of the top

400,000.00 390,000.00


Basic Office

Tiny CPUs for tiny spaces. Powerful enough to run basic applications.

Multiple Displays Workstations

Designed with ingenuity for the day traders out there.

3D Rendering

For Autocad/Revit or for Transcoding Huge raw footage to proxy.

Video/Photo Editors

Made for Adobe After effects/ Lighroom

Why MakeMyRig?

Why I should ditch any other site and go with makemyrig.com What makes makemyrig so special?

Lifetime Tech Support

We’re with you for the long run.

3 Years Warranty

3 years warranty on all PC components.

Never Slow Guarantee

We promise that your custom rig will remain lightning fast.

WiFi + Bluetooth

Provided in all of our PCs.

72+ Checks Prior to Shipping

Ensuring the best quality components for our customers.

New Parts Only

We can provide video proof of each component’s seal opening.

No Need to Visit a Service Centre

Available for our premium customers.

Standby Device Support

Your device needs repair but you don’t have a spare? Now stay fully connected as we lend you a spare device while yours is getting repaired. *Additional Charges apply*

Our Features

Frequently asked questions

Estimated Delivery date?

We try to be superfast all the time in the time of COVID too
For Delhi NCR – 2-4 days
PAN India – 7-14 days
but please note that we can’t promise any delivery date

I feel shock when I touch my pc

This is a very common problem because 90% of the households in India doesn’t have proper earthing but still you can try a couple of solution.

1. Use a 3 pin power plug instead of 2.
Click here to buy 3pin plug
2. Place the cpu on a wooden surface/table.
3.Contact your electrician 

Which Courier do you use?

We mostly use Fedex/Bluedart/Delhivery for our shipments.

Whichever is faster.

Why there is no Cash on Delivery

COD is not available for a variety of reasons. The median transaction is between 50-60k which is a huge amount to pay through Cash on Delivery. Most couriers do not have provisions for transaction of 50k and above through cash payments. Even if some couriers provide that option that cash takes 15-20 days to reach us which affects our inventory.

What Happens if I receive a damaged/faulty PC

Do not worry about that. Every shipment is insured and packaged well. If you receive a damaged CPU you can call us to replace it. This is a seamless process and we guarantee delivering excellent quality products.

What if my Pc got lost during transit

Don’t worry we have our transit insurance in place.
You will get a new pc or your money back in 10-14 days.

Why should I trust MakeMyRig with my hard earned money

We can empathise with your hesitance to part with your hard earned money but there is good reason for you to have faith in us. Jay Kapoor, who is the Founder and CEO of MakeMyRig, is a well known Internet personality and you can be assured that nothing will go wrong.

We have shipped 100+ PCs till now valued at over 1 CR to many prestigious organisations and institutes like IIT DELHI and have impressed them with our services.

Who will handle the Servicing of my PC

Suppose your PC is not working.
You will call us, we troubleshoot, we find that the motherboard is damaged and needs to be repaired.
You get two options for reparations –

  1. We will pick the PC from your doorstep, take it to the service center and repair and courier it back to you if you can pay the courier charges.

  2. You can find the nearest service centre and visit there.

    MakeMyRig’s troubleshooting and software services will always remain free for all our customers.

Will you Install drivers?

Yes, all of our custom PCs come with drivers and everything optimised to the max. You can just turn it on and play games/work on it.

Can you install Software/Games for me?

We provide software/game installation services for all customers as long as they don’t request installing pirated software/games.

You can share your steam library with us and we can download games that you request from your library.

What is Never Slow guarentee?

Never slow guarantee is one of the main USPs of MakeMyRig.

Whenever you feel that your PC is not performing like it used to you can call us for troubleshooting and we will fix the issue.

How much time these service center take to repair?

What we have observed so far is that they can take from 7 days to 2 months to repair/replace a component under warranty.
This has nothing to do with makemyrig. This is Industry standard.

My PC is Making noises. What to do?

It’s normal for a pc to make noises after a few months or if you do intensive tasks on it.


1.Check fan profile
2.Clean the pc case fans.
3.Clean the AIO Radiator fans.
4.Get in touch with the PC case manufacturer or AIO manufacturer if the problem persists.

WiFi on every PC?

Every one of our PCs comes with WiFi dongle preinstalled so you don’t need any other peripheral devices to get basic connectivity.

Can they reject my warranty? What will I do

Yes the service center reserves the right to refuse warranty

Sometimes for reason like Rusting / Tampering / Overclocking / Burning of the card etc etc

In this unfortunate case you don’t you have any option other than to buy a new replacement component 

Who will provide the warranty

Your component manufacturer will provide the warranty.That means if your ram is faulty then your nearby Corsair/G.skill/Adata service center will provide it.
If your motherboard is faulty then nearby Asus/Gigabyte/msi
If your Psu is faulty then nearby Corsair/Gigabyte/Cooler master.
If your GPU is faulty then nearby Galax/Gigabyte/msi.
If your Processor is faulty then nearby Amd/Intel service center

I don't have service center near my home

In that case you can courier the component to us and we will try from here.
Note-You have to bear the courier charge
Note-We won’t be responsible for any damage during the transit
Please note that shipping the component to us doesn’t guarantee a successful repair/replacement.

What cases are not covered by Warranty

Warranty is voided given one of the following conditions –

  1. When you try to open the part yourself

  2. It gets damaged physically

  3. It gets burnt

  4. Water goes inside it.

  5. Any kind of overclocking
  6. Component damaged due to Rusting..

Why Should I buy a custom PC over a Laptop

A custom PC has several advantages over a laptop.

  1. You get a more powerful PC at any given price compared to a laptop.

  2. MakeMyRig’s custom PCs have longer lives as there is a 3 year warranty on every one

    of our PCs compared to the 1 year warranty offered by manufacturers on most laptops.

  3. Custom PCs are cheaper to upgrade in the long run as you can just swap outdated parts

    for more powerful and contemporary ones at any time.

  4. There is another big advantage in terms of maintenance costs. Say a laptop’s

    motherboard needs to be replaced. It will cost 30-50k which is a huge chunk of the laptop’s price. Compare that to a PC where it can be replaced at around 15-20k and you save a huge chunk of money on long term maintenance.

If god forbid makemyrig closes what will I do

You don’t have to worry in that case too because makemyrig is just a reselling/marketing/system assembly company and not a manufacturer of the components.The 3 year warranty is given by the manufacturer and you can get in touch with the nearby service center of the manufacturer.Your invoice will be still valid.

Can I collect from your store and save shipping charges?

Yes you can do that.

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