The story of India’s first PC

The story of India’s first PC

It was December 6th, 2k19. MakeMyRig had made India’s first guitar PC with Jay Kapoor, its founder, and it was making waves at an all India PC show, DreamHack, held in New Delhi. The Guitar PC had made it through Day 3 and won the People’s Choice Award at the show.

This is the story of how we made that Guitar PC and got 51000 rupees for it, without a lot of effort put into it.

This story started with Jay’s fascination for guitar. He always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but found learning to play the piano was easier. He never got around to learn it, due to his laziness, but he believes in infusing his strong points with his weak points. His strength – PC stuff. His weakness – lack of ability when it comes to playing the guitar. Here he and his team at MakeMyRig infused the two to create a very interesting PC rig that caught eyes and won awards at a show, and also won them 51000 rupees.

This was a monumental task for the team, and it required lots of research. There needed to be wood that was malleable enough to form the double curved shape of a guitar, so a carpenter was brought in to provide his expertise. The formation of the neck, ease of polishing and compatibility with normal guitar strings were all factors that were considered.

It was at this time that Preet and Shashank from the Gigabyte India team came to our office and said “This PC you are assembling, this PC is really cool and you could win money for it.” There was a competition which was to be held in New Delhi in December 2k19, where this Guitar PC could be presented and compete for a prize reward. We had only 3 days to prepare our PC for the show, and Jay’s initial response was “Not possible brother. We can’t make this PC in just 3 days!” 3 days later, our PC was ready for the show.

MakeMyRig’s team achieved many ingenious engineering feats, like the way the PCs power button works. There is no such button. The Guitar PC starts and restarts by strumming certain strings. India had witnessed nothing like this before. The team went to DreamHack, showcased and presented it at the event. When we were taking the PC to the venue someone in the event organising committee exclaimed that this was the most interesting build there, and that we were going to win it.

It was Day 1, we presented the PC to a large audience of PC enthusiasts. Everyone was loving the Guitar PC, making Instagram stories, taking selfies, expressing their excitement there. What was the result? We lost it. The winner was a water cooled green PC, not particularly creative. It was a PC anyone could have built from off the shelf parts at any computer shop.

Jay was deeply disturbed by this, and got demotivated. A lot of his friends like fellow Youtuber Aditya Nath Jha were called to help convince him, as he and his team had put in enormous effort to get this Guitar PC going. His friends convinced him to give it another shot at Day 2.

Day 2 started on a similar note. Everyone was loving the Guitar PC, it was especially attractive to the PC lovers who were also instrumentalists, as this was the perfect synchronisation of the two concepts together. Tanmay Bhatt also came to the event and made a Vlog where this Guitar PC was featured for a few minutes. Jay was convinced that they would lose again, but the Guitar PC won the competition on the second day. That was where we won 25000 rupees, but we wanted more as we understood our PC’s worth.

Day 3 was the big day. It was the last day of the event, where there would be a People’s Choice Award winner. The Guitar PC had garnered a lot of excitement among the audience, so we were hopeful that it would win. It did. Everyone in the audience got a small sticker for an emoji which they would stick on their favourite build at the event and the Guitar PC had the highest number of stickers on it.

The People’s Choice Award winner would receive the 51k rupees as per rules, but there were deductions on the prize money and afterwards, we received a grand prize of 36000 rupees. It was still a momentous occasion for us, and it didn’t end there. Jay decided to pitch the Guitar PC to investors, organisations and creative individuals as the Guitar PC is a showstopper, a conversation starter that could be used for marketing purposes by these organisations.

There were several improvements made to the design following the event, as after the event the team had no constraints in regards to the time they could put into it. Diffused LEDs were added, a clock was installed that showed the time and temperature of the PC. We have ten frames of the guitar lying in our office. We keep it as a memoir of those exciting times as it gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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