Why Nucleya broke his MacBook twice and went for a custom PC

Why Nucleya broke his MacBook twice and went for a custom PC


Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar is a well known and highly regarded personality in the music industry. He is an Indian electronic music producer, who won Best Electronica Single at the Global Indian Music Awards 2016 for his singles Little Lotto and Jungle Raja. He was nominated for Best Album at Mirchi Music Awards and Filmfare Awards in 2017 for his titles featured in the film Kapoor & Sons. He also got nominated for an award in 2017 at MTV Europe Music Awards.

Now that its apparent that Nucleya is quite a figure in the electronic music industry, it should be no surprise that he needs powerful PCs for his music production. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is a standard computer software application that serves as a blank canvas with some paintbrushes for music artists to create their masterpiece. A DAW is a computer program designed for recording, mixing and editing of audio files. Nucleya uses it to record, splice, cut, copy, paste, synthesize audio mixes to create the hottest tracks that audiences can fall in love with. It works on core technological principles and the right knowledge of these applications allows Nucleya to create people pleasing songs.

Nucleya had a concert at a Holi celebration event in Pune where he broke his MacBook Pro 2019 backstage. Someone recorded a video of him doing it which went viral on YouTube. A year later during an Instagram Online Live session on his page, Nucleya revealed why he broke his laptop. He intended to play at the event as he had prepared for it for a while but his laptop was not functioning for no discernible reason. He tried to resolve the issue but to no avail. Frustrated, he stomped on his laptop.

He got another laptop following the incident where he did his music production but in just one year it defaulted as well. He couldn’t troubleshoot the problem that had arisen. This is the problem that laptops face. They are extremely compact systems with tiny processors, RAM, sometimes discrete GPUs/APUs, battery, keyboard, touchpad and cooling systems all within a tiny frame. That not only leads to compromise when it comes to power due to the small surface area available for the CPU and GPU, but further compromises have to be made in regards to ventilation, thermodynamics and power consumption.

Batteries have not advanced enough to support high power GPU, CPU, RAM and storage combinations for more than a few hours. A few laptops claim to have batteries that last more than 10 hours long but they compromise massively on the power of any one/multiple components to achieve it. The more powerful laptops such as gaming laptops are the ones that are useful for resource intensive applications such as gaming, photo editing and music production. They are considered useful by some due to their portability but apart from the power compromise explained above, these laptops further throttle performance when not connected to a direct power supply/charging. The portability is rendered moot when getting subpar performance in any portable use case as the laptop might switch to the integrated GPU instead of its discrete GPU and reduce frequency of its CPU cores to save on battery life.

That is where custom built PCs come into play. Customers can build a much more powerful PC than an equivalently costly laptop/build a similarly powerful PC as a laptop but at much lower prices, that also perform at full clocks all the time, and can be built with very specific goals in mind such that its designed to take full advantage of specific software applications. PCs are also more reliable as they have proper cooling systems which enhances the life of every component inside a cabinet. The likely cause of Nucleya’s laptops becoming dysfunctional is the thermodynamics that throttled, bottlenecked and finally ruined one of the components inside his laptop. That is not an issue in a custom PC with proper cooling solutions.

Nucleya’s story didn’t end just there. After his second laptop he went for a custom PC that he built and following that felt more in control than ever before. He got his happy ending and now no longer feels frustrated producing more blockbuster tracks.

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